Dear Readadayian/Writer,

These are the steps to take if you want to submit a post, story, article, or any other thing you think is fitting for this blog {your submissions will be edited, and if it doesn’t fit, it will not be posted. Sorry 😦  }

  • No specific number of words
  • No specific genre
  • no specific topic


So you see, it’s a kind of freedom thing. lol

Email your Submission to READADAYBLOG@GMAIL.COM 



  • The subject line should contain your name and the title of your work in uppercase letters. the name should be separated from the title with a forward slash.   { i.e JOHN OKORI/CASCADES PART 1}
  • The submission should be attached as a doc, docx, or pdf file.
  • A query letter or more info about your submission should be the body of the mail.
  • Attach a photo you think re-echos the content of your submission if you please.



  • For now, guest works don’t get any reward financially, but will be receive due honor for their work. However, I strongly believe a time comes, when there will be mouth-watering rewards for submitting to this blog.