Mission Gone Wrong.

You entered the uncompleted building with a start. How smart of them to hide in a building such as this. You paused to observe, like detective would say, “observe before you swing to action”. You kicked the empty bottles of whisky and Hennessey to make way. Your black leather booth grind on one bottle that laid hidden. You gnashed your teeth in regret as if gnashing of the teeth would cushion the effect of the earlier event

download (66).jpg

You moved two furtive steps forward to get a better view of the empty room in front without being detected although the sound of the squashed bottle already gave you away. You moved in with more calculated steps, checked other rooms.

“All clear” you said into your walkie-talkie.


You ran your eyes from left to right in confirmation. “Clear sire”.

download (67).jpg

The troop moved in in twos with a heavy leather bag hunched on their back. They drop the bags in each room while the technicians enter to play their part.

Skinny, they were. Under their guards. Typical civilian. The five technician entered one room each. Within few munities they were through.

Commander gave the technical leader and gaze that meant “are you sure you and your guys did a good job?”

The technical leader nodded vigorously as if commander spoke to him. Maybe they communicated telepathically. Just maybe.

“Exit” backed commander and everyone started marching out.

You droped your guards, let down your gun, and marched to the entrance. Satisfied that you lead one successful mission as the first man. The smile broke through your rigid check, dry like the harsh earth of the sahara. Almost extending to your jaw bone joints.

“The terrorists think they are smarter that the county’s military,” you said to yourself softly. You smiled again as you watch the last group of soldier carrying the camera equipment. You took a soothing look at the camera dexterously heeded in one of the rooms. Now the military will know whatever the bloody terrorists are up to.

“Foolish group of black brained terrorists”, you cursed in silence. “How can the whole group go on a mission, leaving their hiding spot without guards, not even one?” you marvelled.

The last group moved out and you followed with a charisma of triumph.

download (69).jpg

A few steps away from the building. You felt the earth vibrate in an unusual manner. “What is happening?” you turned to see what it was. You lose balance. Immediately, up in the air were you. A bomb. Glow! Black.

The deadly terrorists never left their home without guard after all. They knew you team was coming. The predicted your moves and you played into their hands.

You lay on the bed in the military medic. You gnashed your teeth indignantly. Mission failed. You closed your eyes.

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