Meet the 18 years old SEX M0N$TER.

Meet the 18 years old SEX M0N$TER.

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I stumbled across this story of an 18 year old lamb – this is contrary to the title of this post, but yes – Kalu (not real name).

Kalu, like every other young boy would have planned a better life for himself. That is, if their ‘house help’ hadn’t been in the picture.

Little Kalu (age 3) was exploited by this house help – RAPE.

“I was 3 years old when our house help started sleeping with (raping) me. She will pretend that she was taking me to urinate, but she will take me to her room and take me back when she was done using me. Initially, I didn’t get it at all but later I started enjoying it. I realized that some nights I will be awake waiting for her to come and take me to her room. Unfortunately, neither I nor my parents and oldest brother knew that she was doing same to my immediate older brother.” Kalu wrote to n9ineteen magazine.

At age 9, Kalu was introduced to adult movies by his devilish house help who was in her 20’s. Her exploit of the innocent kid made him start doing badly in his academics.

“She introduced me to p0rn0gr@phy at age 9 and from that day, I became something else…… I even started skipping school. Because of the affair ad I started doing poorly in school.” Said he.

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Kalu, now 18, has now become notorious in the act of love making. He books the night with uncensored sex workers in different brothels and can’t live a day with $ex.

“I became so notorious and wayward that am even beginning to be disappointed with myself, (that’s why am sending in my story). I find it difficult to go by a day without having sex. I patronize sex workers regularly in their brothels and I watch porn daily.” Wrote Kalu to n9ineteen magazine.

If male rape isn’t shunned in our community, Kalu would have been redeemed a long time ago – before he metamorphosed into this. If his mother had showed that she cared for her male child and gave him a listening ear, Little Kalu would have divulged his fears to her before the escalated and consumed him to this point.

If his father had sat by his side at bed time and gave him a heart to heart talk, who knows, maybe Kalu would have reported the criminal of a house help. If only there were more articles or materials (online, and offline), perhaps, Kalu would have reported his mischievous house help during the genesis of the rape events.

Maybe if there were more male rape talks in schools, churches, or any other gathering of the youths, Kalu would have met a saviour to rescue him from the cold grip of the house help’s menace and manipulation.

Thank the heavens, that brave Kalu is sharing his story and trying to wipe the agonising deeds of the past and its fruit in his life.

“please readers, this is not to show off my irresponsible acts, I am not proud of them at all but I feel a deep void that my sex addiction nor smoking and porn has not filled, and I feel that by letting my secret out, I will start healing.”

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That is a bold step to healing and I hope Kalu gets help. If you are/know somebody in that area, please contact n9ineteen.

I strongly believe there are many other Kalu’s in our society who are afraid to come out due to fear of being ridiculed, scorned, or called names. Now, I say to you, COME OUT. Your voice can be a pillar, wedging others as the too voice out.

When I read this piece on the magazine, I felt deeply irritated, with a spice of anger and seasoning of pity. I once wrote an article on this subject of male rape. …. (Read it here)… and this kind of stories make me literally mad. That is why I have decided to write this.

I heartily laud Kalu for also sharing his story and hope it gets to every victim of this harrowing and distressing ordeal.

I also want to commend n9ineteen, for creating an avenue for these victims to come out and register their deepest fear and dark secrets. You are a BLESSING to this country.

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They offer 24hr FREE advice on all aspect.

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