Comedian Ushbebe Vs Flamboyant Pretty Mike, Dress battle.

Renowned Nigerian comedian, Ushbebe, gave the crowd at Ay Live Comedy Show a shocker when he came out in only a bathrobe and an umbrella, with two sexy ladies by his side.


Now no one needs a soothsayer to tell whom Ushbebe mimicked; the popular (hehn, maybe not so popular, but controversial) Pretty Mike.

Pretty Mike, whose real names are Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu, is a co runner of Uno club, with his elder brother. Mike is known for his bizarre appearances to events. Sometime ago, her went for an event with chained ladies. Dog chains snaked their neck while pretty mike held the end of the chain behind the lady dogs… sorry ladies.

See What #BBNaija Runner Up, Bisola Wants. (with photos)

After the Ushbebe’s photo was posted, Pretty mike dropped a friendly smiley on the post. Hence it can be concluded that he approves the new trend he has started.

Ushbebe on the other hand will not kill people with laugher as he rocked the outfit to the fullest.


Who rocked the appearance more, pretty Mike or Ushbebe?

Vote wisely…lol




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