10 Shocking Facts about Agbani Darego, Nigeria’s Woman Pride. #6 Will Get You Crying.

10 shocking facts about Agbani Darego, Nigeria’s woman pride. #6 will get you crying.

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I would have loved to start from her background, but, this fact is just threatening to burst out of my mouth. AGBANI IS MARRIED and out of the market for single guys. Yey!

Yes. The 34 years old model, and winner of the 2001 miss world pageant has recently tied the knot wit ISHAYA DANJUMA, son of former defence minister, Theophilus (TY) Danjuma.

Based on logistics, the wedding took place on the 8th of April, in Marrakesh Morocco.

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Agbani brought the miss world crown home in 2001 at the age of 18. 18! So this one is for girls of the days that won’t let social media rest with their flood of pictures, get involved in something rewarding. Who knows, maybe Nigeria will produce another miss world.

So, join the queue and get the next MBGN form.


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Our very own Agbani (how wont she be ‘our very own’ when she has won something and is famous? Lol) has judged several pageants, fashion, and modelling competitions. Including Miss World 2014, Miss England 2002, Mr. Scotland 2002, Elite model look Nigeria 2012/2014.


Agbani is from Rivers sate of Nigeria. Precisely Abonnewa in Rivers state. And she is 6ft (1.83 meters) tall, she possesses a brown eyes, and long black hair (did you expect me to say blond? Lol)

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Agbani also contested for miss universe pageant and she emerged 7th overall. She is actually the first Nigerian to be placed among the top 10 semi-finalist. Wow!


This is sad, but I however have to say it. Our dear Darego Agbani is an orphan. She lost her dad in 2012, and her mother died of cancer.


Agbani has her own empire of fashion and style reality show called ‘Sylogenic’.

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She is known as “black is beautiful”, even before she bagged the miss world crown.


Darego Agbani is the Oga-Madam (CEO) of her denim range ‘AD by Agbani Darego’. They include jeans, dresses, sunglasses and bags.

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Our dear Agbani is a God fearing lady. This was re-echoed when she wore a maillot – instead of the usual bikini – during the swimsuit competition of the 2011 Miss Universe contest.

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